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​by Medical Director Jonathan Hodor, DO, MS

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sarcopenia — Fit10 Fitness Program

What does Sarcopenia look like…?

unnamed (4) In February, we talked a bit about the benefits of hormone replacement therapy (HRT) and aging. This month, I want to follow up with some thoughts on sarcopenia-the gradual loss of strength and skeletal muscle mass that occurs when we age.

Data suggests that muscle mass decreases approximately 3-8% per decade after the age of 30 with an even more progressive rise after the age of 55. When we study the origins of sarcopenia, there are many factors to consider and the result is an impairment of physical function that can lead to disability as we age.

With the progression of sarcopenia, we may have symptoms that include reduced muscle size and strength as well as loss of endurance. On the flip side, this decrease in muscle mass is also accompanied by increased body fat as well as insulin resistance (in older individuals.) We may notice new challenges crop up and find ourselves having difficulty performing everyday tasks such as lifting or bending. Our bodies could be undergoing a series of physiological changes, including a decline in muscle protein synthesis and an increase in muscle breakdown. Eventually one can begin to experience a significant decline in bone density, joint stiffness and changes in stature.

This imbalance can lead to a progressive reduction in muscle mass, functionality, and overall physical performance. Consequently, simple tasks such as climbing stairs or lifting groceries become increasingly arduous. Sarcopenia not only impairs mobility and independence but also predisposes individuals to a higher risk of falls, fractures, and other adverse health outcomes.

Thankfully, we have ways to deal with sarcopenia. But it requires a multifaceted approach that includes regular exercise, adequate protein intake, and potentially hormone therapy (testosterone) or nutritional supplements. Rest assured that sarcopenia can be managed, and by understanding the mechanisms underlying sarcopenia and implementing proactive measures, individuals can strive to maintain muscle health and vitality throughout the aging process!​

Our March Features

​We are excited to announce that our Practice Manager Liz Smith is now a certified Integrative Health Coach. She looks forward to providing personalized care, coaching, and innovative health strategies to our clients!

Our two best selling products are Sarcotropin and Lipo S–both available for purchase via our website. They are amazingly effective complements to sarcopenia therapy!

​’Til then…live well and purposefully.


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