Regenerative Therapies in Bethesda, MD

NOTE: These are our most commonly prescribed “regenerative therapies”, however, we do offer other PEPTIDES in addition to the ones listed below.  Please call or email us if that which you are seeking is not listed below.



  • Is a growth hormone releasing hormone (GHRH) truncated analog
  • Works just like endogenous GHRH. It binds to pituitary GHRH receptors and stimulates pulsatile growth hormone (GH) release.
  • Half-life: 10-20 minutes, GH stays elevated for ~ 2 hours
  • It is effective for the following:
    • Wound healing
    • Improved energy
    • Muscle strength, maintenance, and growth Improved fat burning
    • Improved sleep quality


  • GHK-Cu is a peptide (a short chain of amino acids) made up of three amino acids: glycine, histidine, and lysine, hence GHK. Because GHK bonds easily to copper, we refer to it has GHK-Cu.
  • GHK-Cu is produced naturally in our bodies and is found in blood, saliva, and urine.  It has a role in repairing DNA leading to improved tissue growth. When we age, the genes that are involved in inflammation and tissue destruction become more active while
    the genes that regenerate and repair tissue become less active.
  • GHK-Cu appears to help turn back the clock by reactivating the regenerative genes and deactivating the inflammatory and
    destructive ones.
  • GHK-Cu has also been linked to several other processes that support tissue creation and has been found to have additional

    • Stimulates synthesis of collagen in skin cells
    • Increases the accumulation of protein.
    • Increases the synthesis of decorin and metalloproteinases as well as inflammatory cytokine interleukin 6.
    • Serves as a potent stimulant of antioxidant gene activity.
    • Reduces pain, anxiety, and aggression.
    • Improves wound and skin healing and promotes tissue remodeling.
    • Improves hair growth.
    • Reduces wrinkles and is anti-aging.
      • It has been well-studied as an anti-aging agent and is considered to be an activator of tissue remodeling.
      • In one study involving women with sun-damaged skin, GHK-Cu treatment removed visible signs of aging after 12-weeks. It improved skin firmness, elasticity, and
        clarity as well as reduced wrinkles and fine lines.
      • It also has been shown to tighten skin; improve elasticity and firmness; improve skin density; reduce hyperpigmentation and sun damage.
  • Based on available research, GHK-Cu is considered to be safe and well-tolerated. The lowest known doses of GHK-Cu administered to test subjects involve the application of skin creams and topical ointments. Skin creams containing GHK-Cu are usually applied
    once or twice a day to affected areas—usually to the face for skin tightening and wrinkles, to the scalp for hair growth, or other areas for scars or wound healing. When administered in this manner, GHK-Cu appears to be non-toxic and non-irritating with no adverse effects.
  • When injected, there is little data to indicate the minimum effective dose of GHK-Cu.

Please call for additional peptides not listed.


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